Lancôme - Idôle - Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur 75 ml
Lancôme - Idôle - Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur 75 ml

Lancôme - Idôle - Eau de Parfum Spray 2.55 OZ

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The perfume of women who live their dreams in big...


The fragrance for women who live their dreams in a big way. A new generation of conquering, daring and inspiring women. Leaders of tomorrow, the sky is the limit for them. An invitation to become your own idol and pave the way for others.

Great perfumes encapsulate the spirit of their time and open new paths.
This is the raison d'être of Idôle. Idôle breaks with the established codes of perfume, bringing a new spirit.

Discover this addiction of the future: a pure and luminous fragrance.

- The Roses
With a powerful, clean and addictive accord at its heart, Idôle is like a blank page. The rose, one of the most noble and iconic ingredients of perfumery, is at the center of this fragrance. Four types of roses, three types of extraction and two provenances were necessary for this very contemporary, luminous and natural reinterpretation of this emblematic flower.

- The Jasmine flower
It is one of the most immaculate and delicate flowers in perfumery. In the composition of Idôle, the jasmine absolute oil accompanies the pink heart and reveals a creamy, immaculate and intense sweetness. Its floral heart forms the unique halo of Idôle and gives it radiance and sensuality.

- White chypre accord
A sophistication emerges from an abundance of fresh and luminous petals.
Thanks to a very contemporary combination of musks, the white chypre accord brings to Idôle an exceptional naked and second skin sensation.

Idôle's clean and luminous addiction allows each woman to reveal her own aura, her own "glow".
Three women perfumers from three continents have joined forces to create this unique fragrance of rose, jasmine and chypre. Together they have created a universal fragrance. A fragrance created by women, for women. Idôle supports the commute by sourcing some of the ingredients of this fragrance in a supportive manner.

A refillable bottle with a dynamic and daring silhouette, encircled in gold, in homage to the will and determination of women.
Like a crystal screen, pure and luminous, where one can write one's dreams large.
A fragrance like an invitation to believe in the incredible, to open new horizons. Futuristic, Idôle is undoubtedly the finest perfume in the world.
A new state of mind, a design that merges intuitively with the hand.

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