Last Updated April 28th, 2024 

Return/Refunds Policy 

Product Display/Appearance 

Cosmab makes every reasonable effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products that appear on our Site. However, the actual colors you see will depend on a number of factors including the monitor that you use and the settings on the monitor. Cosmab does not guarantee that the display of any color will be accurate. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your experience on our Site, please contact us before submitting your order if you need any further assistance. 

Returns accepts return of any unopened merchandise in its original condition, including original sealed packaging within 30 days of invoice date and you will receive a full refund, less return shipping, and gift-wrapping charges. 

However, due to health reasons, we do not offer refunds on cosmetics and skincare items. Please make your selections carefully. 

In order to return your item, please contact us upfront via email at to validate your return. All online orders must be shipped back directly to our warehouse through the return address provided. A return label will be provided to you accordingly so you will be able to drop your return item in its original packaging through your nearest USPS Post Office. 


You should expect to receive your refund within 3-4 weeks of giving your package to the return shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly as soon as your item has been received and validated by our warehouse team members. You will be notified via email when your refund has been processed. Please allow a few extra days until the refund is posted directly to your credit card or bank statement depending on your credit/debit card financial institution. 

No refund or credit will be provided for items that have been returned directly to our warehouse without any particular authorization from Cosmab through a written confirmation or for any item that has been opened or its original packaging has been opened and is not in its original condition. In the event of an authorized return of any goods sold from our site (through a return made to our warehouse), Cosmab is not

obligated to include a refund or credit of any shipping and handling charges or delivery charges or gift wrap charges except when the return is for defective product.

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